World's 7 Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed #8 | Shin Lim | Dynamo | AGT | FactoFusion

  • Xuất bản 5 thg 12, 2018
  • Below is the featured list of the world's 7 greatest magic tricks revealed: At number 7: Shin Lim on Ellen’s Show At number 6: Richard Jones Origami Trick (Britain's Got Talent) At number 5: Houdini’s Magic Fish Bowl At number 4: Floating Levitation Trick At number 3: Smoothini’s Note Changing Trick At number 2: Dynamo’s Saree Trick At number 1: Demian Aditya’s Death Drop Escape (America's Got Talent) So guys, which magic secret would you like us to reveal in our upcoming Magic Reveal videos? Leave us a comment below.. Thanks for watching!


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    Be it Dynamo’s famous saree trick in India or Shin Lim's amazing card trick; Smoothini’s Note Changing Trick in America's Got Talent or Demian Aditya’s famous Death Drop Escape. This video reveals the top secrets behind the world’s greatest magic tricks of all time. Subscribe to FactoFusion: